Environment & Work

Young people with green jobs create sustainable cities

Environment & Work promotes young people’s opportunities to actively work on the climate issue and to strengthen society’s resilience against future climate changes such as heat waves and heavy rainfall.

Climate Week spreads knowledge about man’s impact on the climate

The project is run in Sweden with the support of the Swedish Innovation Authority Vinnova, Chalmers University of Technology, SMHI, WWF, Scandinavian Green Roof Institute, UNIEP and our educational partners Movant, Thermo Logic, Topps Seal Holland and Gothenburg’s Practical High School. Through four sub-projects, the effort reduces both social inequality, energy consumption and counteracts global warming.

Young people participate in the creation of a database for future white, green and blue roofs to share results with property developers

20 Environmental Ambassadors are to be selected from our target group of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 and then participate in digital searches in Google Earth to find the 5,000 best possible buildings to install white, green and blue roofs. In this way, the young people will have the opportunity for meritorious hourly employment with a flexible schedule that can easily be combined with studies or other occupations.

We have previously developed a method to find suitable roofs for Coating, which is used to install white roofs, and tested the search on different target groups during two periods. These searches are now supplemented with the best-suited green and blue-green roofs, which are then prepared to form an open source database in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology.

Green jobs are being created for young people

Green jobs are jobs that, according to the United Nations Environment Program UNEP, contribute decisively to preserving or restoring the environment. By offering 50 participants within the target group of young people aged 20-25, who are outside the labor market, training in building trades and additional isolation, Environment & Work creates green jobs that help reducing social exclusion.

Our adult education partners Thermo Logic, Movant and Gothenburg’s Practical High school provide the participants with a course in the cool roofing technique which certifies them to perform Coating for white roofs. Moreover, we have partnered up with Scandinavian Green Roof Institute to facilitate the addition of roofs that are suitable for being remodeled to green and bluegreen roofs to our Google Earth searches for the open source database. The collaboration also provides us with the competence to assist interested property owners with the implementation.

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