International competition highlights climate art

The competition is open for submissions from 28 February 2023 via our voting platform.

This year’s Art@Climate2030 art competition, with the theme of climate, is in line with Gothenburg’s and Europe’s efforts towards Agenda 2030. The international competition is open for submission of entries from 28 February 2023 via our voting platform and closes on 15 May. Thereafter, the winning entries will be voted on the platform until 15 August. Out of the 50 entries that made it to the finals during the public voting, a professional jury will then select 10 winners. The competition period will also include exhibitions where selected entries will be presented.

Your contribution can make a difference on a global scale! Sätt Färg på Göteborg, which is our Swedish brand, runs several projects supported by Vinnova, Arvsfonden and ESF, among others. The projects, which from the beginning included mural painting and vocational training in building painting, have in recent years come to focus a lot on the climate issue and ecological sustainability. With Art@Climate2030 we want to contribute to combating global warming. The competition consists of three parts that together create good international publicity, more value for the artist and visitor engagement.


The competition is open for submissions from 28 February until 15 May. The competition is open to anyone who is interested in art and feels that they can contribute a design that is in line with its purpose. In connection with the entry, the artist will have the opportunity to talk about the artwork, its background and inspiration.

Voting and exhibition

During the competition, obviously offensive entries will be filtered out, then the competition will move to the public voting phase. A short description about the artist and the artwork will be displayed together with a QR time on the competition’s digital voting platform. This will run from 15 May until 15 August. During June, we will exhibit 30-50 of the entries, which we believe represent the theme of the competition well, in Gothenburg. The exact location of the exhibition will be announced before the event. Between 15 August and 1 September, a professional jury will be tasked with selecting 10 winners from the 50 entries that made it to the finals during the public vote on the platform. The final winners will be informed by us at the end of August and will be invited to a ceremony that will take place on 1 September.

The winners

The 10 with the most votes will be rewarded with €1,000 and good international publicity. In addition to the prize, we aim to paint the 10 winning entries in public places inside and outside Sweden. The performance will be done by young people and young adults as part of their education. For this, we will enlist the help of our collaborative partners in other European cities.

Contest rules

The aim of the competition is to highlight art and painting, while highlighting the climate issue in a respectful way. We will therefore not accept entries that are:

  • personal attacks
  • irrelevant to the theme of the competition
  • offensive
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