23 Km Konst
23 km of art

Street art from Blå stället till Röda sten in Gothenburg

23 km of art is exactly what the name suggests – a 23 km long cycling route containing art such as murals, cranes, banners, colourful tunnels and ground paintings.

From Angered to Klippan

23 km of art starts in Angered at Kulturhuset Blå Stället and runs through the city centre to finally reach Röda Sten Konsthall. The route is 23 km long and goes through the districts of Angered, Hammarkullen, Hjällbo, Alelyckan, Gamlestaden, Marieholm, Lilla Bommen, Inom Vallgraven, Järntorget, Majorna and Klippan.

Part of Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary

The art trail is being painted as part of Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary celebrations. In order to successfully paint art along the 23 km long cycle path, the project has been working full time since spring 2016 and the artworks are being painted gradually. During the warm months of the year, the weather allows for outdoor painting and this is when large parts of the route are painted.

Provides unique real jobs

The artworks are created by artists locally, nationally and internationally but the actual painting is usually done by our participants who are training with us to become building painters. The young people are supervised by professional painting instructors and artists in the construction of the artworks.

Digital map of the art trail

Take a walk or bike ride in the 21 km of Konst with the help of this digital map. The map shows where all the artworks are and also tells you a bit about how they were created and, of course, who the artist is. The map was created for Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary and is available on Goteborg2021’s website.

Engaging young people in the process

The 21 km of art is designed to include young people and residents of the neighbourhood in question and give them a say in how parts of their area are painted. Such involvement could include tidying up the area’s litter bins, park benches, birdhouses, walls – anything that can be improved with paint!

What about building permits, materials and safety?

When painting murals, installing cranes or pennants, there are several important and practical aspects to consider. Or at least for us in the project. If you are an organisation, company or property owner thinking of having your building facade painted, you can sit back and relax. We’ll take care of everything!

Will my building be part of the route?

Are you curious about the neighbourhoods, streets or buildings that the art route passes through?
Then you can investigate every metre via our map!

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