How Arvsfonden is Helping Create Green Jobs for Youth in Sweden

How Arvsfonden is Helping Create Green Jobs for Youth in Sweden

It is our pleasure to have Arvsfonden as a fund donor, whose financing enables us to create new green jobs for young people in socially vulnerable areas that are far from the labor market. Our project Cool Green Deal is funded by Arvsfonden, with the target group of young people aged 12-25 in Västra Götaland and northwestern Skåne.

Cool Green Deal contributes to several of Arvsfonden’s priority areas, such as equality and strengthened conditions and influence for socially disadvantaged youth and their establishment in the labor market. We let our young environmental ambassadors do searches on Google Earth to find and register roof surfaces suitable for cool roofing. It is an effective climate measure where roofs are painted white, which lowers emissions, limits global warming and increases the efficiency of solar cells.

Together with Chalmers University of Technology, we have now developed a roof database where young people register roof surfaces suitable for cool roofing. These young people are trained and employed by us for increased sustainability and get equipped for the future labor market, which provides a counter-image to concerns about the environment and jobs. In the past, SMHI’s climate professor Erik Kjellström has advised us how the work should be designed and what we especially need to think about. We are now preparing more technically oriented applications, where SMHI will be able to model the climate effects of the cool roofing method.

During an annual Climate Week, which was held for the first time in June 2023, high school students learn more about the climate and endangered species. Climate Week will be held again in June 2023, in both Gothenburg and Helsingborg and is then intended to become an annual activity arranged by us.

The active work with cool roofing and equality, among other things, in our Arvsfonden project contribute positively to the climate, social sustainability and a development towards achieving the UN’s global goals. That is why we are proud of our long-term collaboration with Arvsfonden.